It was a quiet thursday morning… everyone with their daily routine.

I see a cat race, going up and down finding money with no sense of purpose.Pardon my bluntness but the reality speak the truth.

Living is just once onless you be “OGBANJE”

That mean is your second time on earth.But out of the trenches great leaders are forge.

Don’t limit yourself to where you are…there are limitless possibilities out there that you can tap into.

Embrace who you are and step unto the unknown.

You been given the book to write your story.

What are you going to write coming out of the TRENCHES.

Though we don’t matter but we are warriors.

4 thoughts on “Trenches!!!”

  1. Exactly…. We are whom we have been waiting for…. Loved what you have written here.. Yes we are Limitless… with Ultimate Possibilities We just need to believe we are so much more than we have been taught … And each of us has the capabilities to make a difference in the world
    Bless you ❤


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